Okladka-Raport-Saveing-potencial-enable-by-eBay-for-polish-consumers-300x219This publication is a summary of a study conducted by specialists from our company in cooperation with eBay.pl representatives.This report aims to inform on the savings that any customer can achieve when switching from regular and online shops or local online auction portals to eBay. The results leave no room for doubt that purchasing over eBay not only gives customers the possibility to buy various and rare products, but also that this form of shopping is the least expensive in the case of a majority products covered in the study.

The report compares four sales channels: brick&mortar shops, internet shops, the Polish internet auction platform Allegro.pl and eBay.pl.

The results show, that average savings for 48 analysed products amounted to 30% in eBay’s favor (compared to all other sales channels). In comparison to traditional shops, purchasing on eBay allows for a staggering 45% savings.

Key project findings may be found in the english summary of the project.: